Sunday, September 24, 2006

Guimaras Resorts


Costa Aguada Island Resort

(Inampulungan Island, Sibunag)
Situated in the peaceful surroundings of Inampulugan Island, this stunning resort is one of the most popular in the area.. The resort is easily accessed by a relaxing 45-minute boat ride from the mainland and gives guests a chance to see the amazing array of Islands in the area. Each f the 68 rooms are beautifully designed and offer air-conditioning satellite TV and a balcony area to relax and enjoy the marvelous setting. The Costa Aguada Island Resort includes several restaurants including The Coconut Pavilion, which specializes in fresh seafood and a large swimming pool complete with bar and there are also riding stables where guests can ride horses around the hotels vast grounds. Continue Reading ...

Guimaras Resorts in Jordan
  • Isla Naburot (Sinapsapan)
  • Baras Beach Resort (Lawi)
  • Colmenares Resort by the Sea (Hoskyn)
  • Natago Beach Resort (Sinapsapan)
Guimaras Resorts in Nuevo Valencia
  • Coco Palm's Beach Resort ( Tando)
  • Freelance Beach Resort (Alubihod)
  • Guisi Beach Resort ( Dolores)
  • Punta Tando Beach Resort ( Tando)
  • Raymen Beach Resort (Alubihod)
  • Villa igang (formerlyPuerto del Mar Beach Resort) (Alubihod)
  • Rico Beach Resort (Alubihod)
  • Sto. Nino Beach Resort (San Roque)
Guimaras Resorts in Sibunag
  • Costa Aguada Island Resort (Inampulungan Island)
  • Nagarao Island Resort (San Isidro)
  • Punta Punting Beach Resort (Sabang)
  • Valle Verde Mt. Resort (Ravina, Sibunag)
  • Jesa Mar Beach Resort (Nauway Island)
Guimaras Resorts in Buenavista
  • Abelardo's Beach Resort (East Valencia)
  • Carmel by the Sea Beach Resort (East Valencia)
  • El Retiro ( San Miguel)
  • Enrico Beach Resort (Zaldivar)
  • George Place Beach Resort (East Valencia)
  • Kelapa Gading Beach Resort ( East Valencia)
  • Legita-Tayo Mt. Resort (Tanag)
  • Roca Encantada (San Miguel)
  • Villa Santarina Mt. Resort (Nazaret)


eden said...

what were the resorts featured in abs cbn's travel show trip na trip?

wimbam said...

which is the best

cabrei said...
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cabrei said...

would you guys happen to know if there is a resort in guimaras called santorini? i am looking for high-end resorts around the area. i was hoping that you can help.thanks.

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