Thursday, November 05, 2009

Zemkamps Chalet - Your Home in Guimaras Island

Seeking for a place to stay where you can experience the lush island scenery and laid back atmosphere of Guimaras, while still enjoying personalized service and great amenities at a reasonable rate? Better check out Zemkamps Chalet, your second home in Guimaras.

The inviting entrance to Zemkamps Chalet

Zemkamps Chalet was originally built as a family vacation home that was recently renovated and opened to the public. The charming chalet sports a country style architecture and prides itself for maintaining its natural and cozy atmosphere, attributes that have made its guests feel right at home.

Zemkamps Chalet has 10 uniquely designed and fully air-conditioned guestrooms equipped with its own private toilet and bath. Native materials have been used as furnishings for the chalet. It also has a muti-purpose room, ideal for business meetings, seminars, conferences and small social events that can accommodate 30 to 40 persons and an al-fresco roof deck that can hold as much as 50 to 100 persons.

Cozy Airconditioned Rooms of Zemkamps Chalet

Zemkamps Chalet is strategically located along the main highway in New Site, San Miguel, Jordan (just beside the Guimaras Provincial Capitol). It is an ideal base camp for explore the famous attractions of Guimaras Island, which are approximately just 10-15 minutes away by land transportation from Zemkamps Chalet.

Multi-purpose function room

Al fresco roof deck with a well stocked bar

If you're interested about staying at Zemkamps Chalet you may contact them through phone - (+63 33) 237-1388 or visit their website at

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