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Municipality of Buenavista

Buenavista is a 4th class municipality in the province of Guimaras, Philippines.

The town acts as a cheaper link between Panay and Negros, as opposed to taking a ship directly between the two islands.

According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 41,717 people in 8,373 households.

Location and accessibility

Buenavista is located at the northern tip of Guimaras Island, and is one of the five towns comprising the province of Guimaras. The northern and northwest part of the town overlooks Panay Island and the northeast portion faces Negros Island. Iloilo Strait lies between the town and Panay, and Guimaras Strait lies between the town and Negros. The McArthur wharf serves as the municipal wharf for Buenavista and part of San Lorenzo is used by passengers from the neighboring Panay Island in going to Negros Province and vice versa. This transportation route serves as a cheaper link, rather than taking a ship.

Buenavista has terrain ranging from plains to mountains. The climate is mild and cool, due to its being bounded by the sea on the three directions.


Buenavista is politically subdivided into 36 barangays.

* Agsanayan
* Avila
* Banban
* Bacjao (Calumingan)
* Cansilayan
* Dagsa-an
* Daragan
* East Valencia
* Getulio
* Mabini
* Magsaysay
* Mclain
* Montpiller
* Navalas
* Nazaret
* New Poblacion (Calingao)
* Old Poblacion
* Piña
* Rizal
* Salvacion
* San Fernando
* San Isidro
* San Miguel
* San Nicolas
* San Pedro
* San Roque
* Santo Rosario
* Sawang
* Supang
* Tacay
* Taminla
* Tanag
* Tastasan
* Tinadtaran
* Umilig
* Zaldivar


Buenavista is the oldest municipality in Guimaras. It was established in 1775, during the Spanish period. Historians claim that a Spanish governor general, struck by the municipality’s scenery, called the old town site beautiful view.

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