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Buenavista Wharf / McArthur’s Wharf
It was built by Lt. Douglas McArthur in 1903.

Punta Blanco & Camp Jossman
(Tinadtaran, Buenavista). Target range and military camp constructed by the United States Army in 1903.

Guisi Lighthouse
An 18th Century Structure with Spanish ruins located on top of the mountain, making it very visible during nighttime to guide mariners passing though Guima


Biri Cave
(Brgy Poblacion, Jordan) - can be reached at the side of the mountain. Its entrance is low and narrow and can be accessed by crawling

Suli Cave
(Sitio Boro-Boro, Dagsaan, Buenavista) - located along the shore passing through different holes. If you explore further, the holes will lead you to a scenic lake.

Hurot-Hurot Cave
(Brgy. Espinosa). It has two openings, 1 ½ x2 meters and 2x1 meters. It is 50 meters more or less in length.

Higante Cave
Located at a lot owned by Mr. & Mrs. Nemesio Galve in Bgy. Espinosa, Jordan. It has 3 entrances, 3x4 ft. wide, 2x3 ft. wide, 2x3 ft. wide. It is 200 meters long more or less and could be found on top of the hill. Nipa huts are available with a good glimpse of Iloilo Strait. Has an abundant of stalagmites and stalactites.

Capitoguan Cave
Found at Bgy. Balcon Maravilla. A big cave full of bats and a good source of guano, a fertilizer for plants.

Buho Ramirez Cave

(Bgy. Lawi). It is a small cave but the entire entrance is going down more or less about 40-50 ft. deep. It has 3 openings with gushing water. Studies show that it could be a good source of spring water that can supply 2 barangays with 429 households.

Villa Fe Daliran Cave and Summer Resort
(Brgy. Old Poblacion, Buenavista). It is accessible by jeepney or tricycle from Buenavista Wharf in 10 to 15 minutes.

Other natural attractions

Tatlong Pulo
(Brgy Sinapsapan, Jordan)

Punta Tando Beach
(Brgy. Tando, Nueva Valencia)

Guisi Beach
(Sitio Guisi, Nueva Valencia)

Guiwad Beach
(Brgy. Dolores, Nueva Valencia)

Mabalud Beach
(Brgy. Igang, Nueva Valencia)

Dalum Balas
(Brgy Tando, Nueva Valencia)

Guevara Beach
(Sinapsapan, Jordan)

Beaches at Panobolon Island, Unisna, Guiwanon, Yato
(Nueva Valencia)

Isla Nauay


Nadulao Island

Beaches of Igcawayan and Cabano
(San Lorenzo)

Beaches of San Miguel and Navalas

Taklong Island
(La Paz, Nueva Valencia)

Siete Picados
(Gentulio, Buenavista)

Rumagangrang Beach
(Cabalagnan, Nueva Valencia)

Macopo Falls
(Sta. Terestita, Jordan)

Natagong Beach
(Sinapsapan, Jordan)


Trappist Monastery (Bgy. San Miguel, Jordan)
The only trappist monastery in the Philippines run by the order of Cistersians of the Strict Observance.

Balaan Bukid Shrine (Bgy. Hoskyn, Jordan). Where a large cross and a chapel were constructed on top of a mountain. Offers a scenic view of Iloilo City across Guimaras Strait.

Navalas Church (Navalas, Buenavista)
The oldest existing Roman Catholic Church in the province of Guimaras that has survived the ravages of time.


Roca Encantada
(Buenavista). Summer house of the Lopez family built in 1910 on top of a huge rock.


(Buenavista). A panoramic vacation house of the Lopez family; offers a picturesque view of Iloilo City.

Good Shepherd's Fold Academy (Buenavista)
45-hectare orphanage; offers high school, vocational training, practical arts, and sciences; built in 1946.

SEAFDEC Research Station
(Bgy. Magamay, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras). Where different kinds of fish are studied for the improvement of their species.


Ang Pagtaltal sa Guimaras
A Lenten presentation staged by the townspeople of Jordan patterned after Oberammergau in South Bavaria, Germany. The final act of the play shows Jesus being taken off and laid on his mother’s lap. The trip is climaxed by a visit to Balaan Bukid (Holy Mountain). It is a pilgrimage site for the Catholics.

Paraw Regatta
The Iloilo-Guimaras Paraw Regatta is open to any sea-worthy paraw solely dependent on the wind for its power for motion, subject to the specific requirements and qualifications of each category. Held every 1st Sunday of March.

Mountain Bike Festival
A multi-event team sports (mountain biking, coastal and mountain trekking, a call to rediscover, and adventure). Guimaras Mountain Bike Association (GUIMBA) spearheads Governor’s Cup Mountain Bike and Downhill Competitions. The mission is to promote bicycling as a sport, environmentalism as a way of life, and Guimaras as an ecotourism destination.

Manggahan Sa Guimaras Festival
An identity festival commemorating the annual provincehood anniversary every 22nd day of May depicting the cultural heritage of the province with emphasis on the promotion of Guimaras as “mango country”. A week-long celebration showcasing Guimaras products, cuisine, and services. Highlighted with the Search for Miss Guimaras and Miss Manggahan.

Special Interest

The Small Island Agricultural Support Services Program (SMISLE) took effort to under water world in order to identify the best of the island's sites for diving. They found out that most of the cora reefs were destroyed by dynamite fishing, but with the joint effort of the vigilant people in the coastal areas and the Bantay Dagat, Guimaras will have a lot of potential areas for diving.

1. Brgy San Roque to La Paz
(Nueva Valencia)

2. Tatlong Pulo

3. Tando Area

4. Tiniguiban Islet
(Igang, Nueva Valencia)

5. Ave Maria
(Lawi, Jordan)

6. Unisan Island

7. Panobolon Island

8. Nagarao Island

9. Nauway Island

10. Dolores, Nueva Valencia

11. Tumalintinan Point in Suclaran, San Lorenzo

Despite being located on a flat coastal plain with few of the terrain features most people associate with extreme cycling, Iloilo City is home to one of the country's most dedicated mountain biking groups, the Iloilo Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). Their principal playground is Guimaras, a rugged 580sq. km formation of coral rock just across Iloilo harbor, a 20 min. boat ride from the city. Guimaras is noted for plantations of mango trees, locally believed to produce the finest fruit in the country, and the excellent beaches dotting the outer shore. The island is also home to one of the country's wildest mountain bike races.

Agri-Tourism Sites

Panindahan sa Manggahan
A one-day market day in Guimaras bringing visitors there and giving them a chance to avail themselves of the province’s best products at very low prices.

Oro Verde Mango Plantation
(Brgy Pina, Buenavsita, Guimaras)
Second Largest mango plantation in Guimaras as declared by the Department of Tourism as one of three pilot agri-tourism destinations in the Philippines

The Southern Orchard
(Ravina, Jordan) Second largest mango plantation in Guimaras. It is a 220 hectare plantation with 14,000 trees. It is accessible in 10 to 15 minutes by public utility jeep form Jordan Wharf

Guimaras Tree Farm
(Gentulio, Buenavista Wharf) a mango plantation accessible in 45 minutes by jeepney

Guimaras Beekeepers Association Cooperative (GBC)
(Sitio Casilian, Concordia, Sibunag) That have processed product like honey, propolis or natural anti-biotic, bread with honey, candle with bee wax soap with honey. They also have a conforence room to accommodate 30 persons

Eli Sustidio Farm
(Concordia, Nueva Valencia). It is a 5 hectare farm known for its cashew and is also planted with napier grass that is used as feeds for small herd of cattle

Krystell Citrus Farm and Nursery
(Oracon, Sibunag) It is a 30hectare farm which is fully planted with citrus fruit trees such as clamansi, pomelo, and oranges

Sebario Salt Farms
(Sebario, San Lorenzo), The typical salt farm or salt drying bed but converted as a fish pond on certain wet seasons.

Salvador Farm
(Brgy Suclaran, San Lorenzo) Located in an elevated part of the farm planted with different fruit brearing trees, corn and vegetables.

An-an Calamansi Farm
(Gaban, San Lorenzo). This farm spread over a rolling terrain with good view of the hills of Buenavista and Iloilo Strait. The farm is fully panted with calamansi.

SEAFDEC Igang Marine Substation
(Magamay, Nueva Valencia) The sub station complex is composed of several islats inter connected by a network of pontoon boardwalks. Attached to the boardwalks are experient and propagation pens for commercial fishes.

Aquaculture farms
(Nueva Valencia and Sibunag) Aquaculture farms in the coastal areas of barangays San Antonio and Igdarapdap in Nueva Valencia and barangays Algeria are another off-cicuit farm sites.

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