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How to Get to Guimaras

Iloilo City is the primary gateway to Guimaras. From Iloilo City, there are two main jump off points to Guimaras, which includes Parola (for ferries bound for Buenavista, Guimaras) and Ortiz Port (for ferries bound for Jordan, Guimaras).

Ortiz Port
Ortiz Port is located in Ortiz St., Iloilo City (near University of Iloilo). It is the busiest jump off point to Guimaras because the ferries bound for Jordan, the capital town of Guimaras, are stationed here. Tourists transit Ortiz Port to go to popular beaches (such as Alubihod) found in Nueva Valencia town.

Ortiz Port Location Map

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Parola is located at the mouth of the Iloilo River (near the Iloilo Domestic Port). Ferries bound for McArthur Port in Buenavista town, Guimaras are stationed at Parola.

Parola Location Map

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There are ferries leaving Parola and Ortiz ports every 15 minutes and the trip lasts about 10 minutes. There are daily trips from sunrise to sunset, night trips are rare because of the danger of navigating the Iloilo Strait during nighttime. The fare approximately costs P10-P20,

Roll-on Roll-off

The jump off point from Iloilo City is in Muelle Loney (Iloilo River Wharf). The RORO vessel is bound for the RORO Port in Brgy. Hoskyn, Jordan, Guimaras. There's a service daily from Iloilo-Guimaras. During weekdays, there are 4 trips a day (8:30am, 10:30:am, 3:00pm, 5:30pm) and 2 trips a day at weekends (8:30am, 5:30pm). . For more information contact F.F CRUZ SHIPPING CORPORATION at the following numbers (63)(033)3371046/3369329/3364195 (Lapuz, Iloilo City and (033)5811701 (Jordan, Guimaras)

Roll-on Roll-off Route Location Map

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