Monday, April 06, 2009

Roca Encantada - Heritage and Summer House of the Lopez Clan

Roca Encantada
One of Guimaras’ famous landmarks is the summer house of the Lopez Clan built atop a hill, also known as Roca Encantada or “Enchanted Rock”. The house was built in 1910 in honor of Doña Presentación Hofilena Lopez. Suprisingly despite the modern exterior, the idyllic mansion is a “heritage house” as declared by the National Heritage Institute.

Roca Encantada: a Heritage House in Guimaras
The grand balconies of Roca Encantada offers a picturesque view of the beach front and Iloilo Strait with “La Islas de los siete pecados” not far from its coast.
Roca Encantada: a Heritage House in Guimaras
Roca Encantada is located in Buenavista town, Guimaras. From Parola, Iloilo City is a 15 minute ride to McArthur’s Wharf and from there one can arrange transportation through the Tourist Assistance Center in the wharf. From McArthur’s Wharf it is another 45 minute ride to Roca Encantada. For more information contact Benpres Holding Corporation (Nelly): (033)3280779.

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jlg said...

It´s "la isla de los 7 pecados" and it´s not Dona Presentacion, but Doña Presentación.
This is a lack of respect to the Spanish roots of this land,

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