Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guisi Beach and Lighthouse

Guisi Point, situated in Brgy. Dolores in the town of Nueva Valencia, is one of many attraction in Guimaras Island. Guisi Beach and Lighthouse featuresa short coastline of golden-yellow sand and clear waters, an 18th century Spanish-colonial lighthouse, coves, and stunning rock formations.

This natural enclave offers protection from typhoons and storms because it is surrounded by hills. Its azure waters is simply conducive for relaxing. A hike will take you to an 18th century lighthouse built atop a hill during the Spanish-colonial Time. It was built to guide mariners passing through Guimaras Island. The 15-minute trek provides a nice view of the beach. Once you reach the top you will see ruins of a Spanish settlement.

Although the condition of the old lighthouse is already in disarray the Guimarasnons takes pride in having the second oldest lighthouse, next to Aparri, Cagayan.

During late afternoon, you can kick back in the sea shore and watch a beautiful sunset unfold before your eyes.

You can hire one of the locals to give you a tour of the outlying area by means of a rowboat so you’ll be able to see packets of narrow beaches, coves, and rock formations nearby.

There are accommodations available in Guisi but I recommend only going there during the day because the place is not so developed in terms of providing visitors a place where they can stay comfortably for the night. Alubihod, which is a 15-20 minute ride from Guisi offers a much more comfortable place to spend the night in.

Going there: From Iloilo City, take a pump boat ride to Jordan Port in Ortiz St., City Proper. Once there, the Guimaras Tourism Office can help you find transportation if you wish to travel by land (Multicab = P500 for One-way and P800 for Roundtrip) or by sea (Small pump boat = P700). The travel time from Iloilo to Guisi is approximately 1hr and 30mins.

Contact Person: Rosie Gaitan
Contact Number: 09195636688

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pinoy boy journals said...

Wow, i wasn't able to visit this place when i was there. i stayed in villa igang and made a lengthy review of guimaras in my blog. i really really love this province. and so far amongst all the province i've been to in Visayas, Guimaras still rocks #1 on my list. I've never seen a more beatiful breathtaking sunset anywhere else in the world.

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